Tuesday, October 4, 2016

An Easy Winner

Angie Loos from Illinois entered the goat that was named Grand Champion in the Performance & Carcass Contest. Her buck easily won the contest, leading in almost every statistical category.  Angie also had a top-ten buck in the test. Her top-performing test buck ranked second in ADG and was the only buck that graded USDA Selection 1.

Angie Loos's goat won the contest easily.

The rest of the winners were more difficult to determine, as different goats were superior in different statistical categories. The Reserve Grand Champion was a buck entered by Richard Gamby from Ohio.  It had the second highest ADG and lean gain. Richard also had a top-ten buck. His top-performing test buck ranked 3rd in ADG.

The third place goat was entered by William & Brittany Winingeal & White from Missouri. The 4th place goat was entered by John Smith from Virginia. John's buck had the second largest rib eye. Patricia Larr from Indiana had the goat with the second highest yield. Her buck placed 5th. Patricia also had a top-10 test buck.

After transport from the test site, the contest goats were weighed immediately before slaughter on certified scales. The carcasses were deboned to determine actual weights and percentages of fat (including KH fat), lean, and bone. Rib eye area was measured using a grid. Nothing was estimated. The goats were processed by Country Foods in Wayneboro, Pennsylvania.

The Champion on August 30.

Lean gain per day was calculated by multiplying ADG by yield. Yield was determined by dividing the pounds of lean by the live weight of the goat. ADG and lean gain per day were calculated from arrival (ADG100) and after the 13-day adjustment period (ADG87).

This was the first-ever Performance & Carcass Contest. Consigners to the buck test were eligible to enter one goat. The goal was to recognize producers whose goats excel in lean growth and carcass merit. Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners.

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