Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Second Five (Six)

The rest of the top 10 bucks were selected on the basis of the same criteria, but their egg counts (average and high) exceeded the traditional requirements, as it was an especially challenging year with regards to parasites. The highest ever egg counts were recorded. None in the second group of top performing bucks required deworming or got sick.

The second five (actually six) bucks include the three top-gaining bucks, as well as the one with the best USDA grade (1). They are shown below with their slashline (statistical overview):  ADG/avg. fecal egg count/high fecal egg count/avg. FAMACHA© score/high FAMACHA© score/USDA grade.

Highest Average Daily Gain
Best consignment

618 - Jarred Dennison (Kentucky)
3rd Highest Average Daily Gain
624 - Richard Gamby (Ohio)
2nd Highest Average Daily Gain
Best USDA Grade

639 - Angie Loos (Illinois)
Largest scrotal circumference
649 - P.J. Murphy (New Jersey)

638 - Patricia Larr (Indiana)
Best consignment
617 - Jarred Dennison (Kentucky)

Editor's note:  It was not easy to get pictures of the bucks. Some bucks posed better than others.