Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nominations Close May 15

So far, 38 goats have been consigned by 9 consignors from 9 states. All but two of the consigned animals are Kiko (or undeclared). In addition, one Boer and one Kiko x Boer have been consigned.

State # consignors # goats Breed
Delaware 1 5 Kiko
Indiana 1 5 Undeclared
Kansas 1 5 Kiko
Kentucky 1 5 Kiko
Maryland 1 1 Boer
Mississippi 1 5 Kiko
New Jersey 1 5 Kiko
Virginia 1 4 3 Kiko
1 Kiko x Boer
West Virginia 1 3 Kiko
Total 9 38 94% Kiko

All nominations received by the deadline will be treated the same. It is not necessary to identify specific goats at the time of nomination.

In April, a flock of sheep was brought to the test site to consume early pasture growth and to contaminate the paddocks with anthelmintic-susceptible, infective worm larvae. The sheep have since been removed from the cool season grass paddocks.

The sheep are "seeding" the pastures with worm eggs.

Upon arrival and for the first 42 days of the test, the goats will graze cool season grass paddocks, composed predominantly of MaxQ tall fescue and orchardgrass.  The rest of the test site will be planted in various annual crops for grazing during the second 42 days of the test.