Tuesday, May 20, 2014

79 Bucks Accepted for 2014 Test

Seventy-nine (79) bucks have been accepted into the 2014 Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test.  Originally, 101 bucks had been nominated, but the number was reduced to 79 in order to reduce pasture stocking rates and parasite burdens.

The 79 bucks were consigned by 23 producers from 13 states. There are nine new consignors and thirteen returning consignors.  The 79 bucks will share the pasture resource with 15 bucks from the pen vs. pasture study.

State # consignors # goats
Delaware 1 4
Georgia 1 3
Illinios 2 8
Indiana 2 6
Kansas 1 4
Kentucky 4 15
Maryland 4 9
New Jersey 1 4
North Carolina 2 8
Pennsylvania 1 3
Texas 1 4
Virginia 2 8
West Virginia 1 3
Totals (13) 23  79

The bucks will start arriving to the test site next week.  The official delivery date is Friday, May 30. This year's adjustment period will be short. Starting weights will be determined on June 5-6.

For the first 42 days of the test, the bucks will graze cool season grass paddocks, pre-contaminated with worm larvae by grazing sheep. For the second 42 days of the test, the bucks will graze annual pastures (yet to be planted). Final weights will be determined on August 28-29.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze performing bucks will be sold at the Bluegrass Performance Invitational in Frankfort, Kentucky on September 6. Consignors to the buck test may consign does to the sale.  For more information about the sale, contact Jarred Dennison at (502) 875-8857 or jarred@jdranchkikos.com.

Bucks that do not qualify for the Kentucky sale may be purchased via private treaty.