Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ten top-performing bucks, d-70

The list of 10 top-performing bucks will continue to change, until the last data has been collected and incorporated into the data set. Several bucks that were in the d-56 top-10 list were disqualified due to high fecal egg counts or high FAMACHA© scores.

The following table lists the 10 top-performing bucks, as of August 22 (d-70).

An asterisk (*) denotes disqualifying data.

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The list was determined by first ranking the bucks by average daily gain (ADG). If a top-gaining buck had disqualifying parasite data (indicated by an *), the next buck was considered, until ten were identified with qualifying parasite data.

To be eligible to sell, the bucks must also meet minimum standards for reproductive soundness (teats + testicles) and structural soundness (conformation, legs, teeth, and hooves).

The final data for the test will be collected on Thursday, September 6.