Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Egg counts still rising

Fecal egg counts are continuing to rise. There is also more variability in egg counts among individual goats, as indicated by the larger standard deviation (STDEV).

For the samples collected on August 22, fecal egg counts ranged from 25 to 10,467 eggs per gram (epg) and averaged 2,358 ± 2,073 epg. The median egg count was 1,700 epg. Thirteen days prior, egg counts averaged 1,833 ± 1,302 epg, and the median count was 1,429 epg.

On August 22, thirteen (28%) bucks had fecal egg counts below 1,000 epg.  Eighteen (38%) bucks had egg counts between 1,000 and 2,000 epg. Sixteen (34%) had egg counts above 2,000 epg.

According to an Australian source, 2,000 epg is of clinical significance for the barber pole worm. For the Trichostrongylus species, 500-2,000 epg is of clinical significance. Due to the high egg counts and worsening FAMACHA© scores, the goats will be checked tomorrow to determine any need for deworming.

Six bucks are still meeting the Gold Standard of performance for average fecal egg count (less than 500 epg). An additional thirteen bucks are meeting the Silver Standard of performance for average fecal egg count (less than 750 epg). Five more are meeting the Bronze Standard of performance for average fecal egg count (less than 1000 epg).

Six bucks are meeting the Gold Standard of Performance for high fecal egg count (no single egg count above 1000 epg). These are the same bucks that meet the Gold Standard of Performance for average fecal egg count. Consigners of resistant bucks include Verlin Garber (TN), Waldo Nelson (MD), Jodie & Randy Majanczik, Sam Burke (DE), Jarred Dennison (KY), and Dee & David Richhart (IN).

The most parasite resistant buck in the test, as determined by average fecal egg count, is #21, a 75% Kiko x 25% Boer consigned by Verlin Garber. The buck's average fecal egg count (based on six samples) is 243 epg. His highest egg count was 825 epg (on July 12).

One more fecal sample will be collected on September 6.

Download August 22 FEC report
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