Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fourteen bucks qualify for sale

Fourteen (14) bucks have met Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze standards of performance for growth, parasite resistance and parasite resilience and are eligible for the sale on September 24, 2011.

Two bucks met the Gold standard for all traits.The Gold bucks include a Kiko x Boer buck consigned by Luke Miller (IN) and a 94% Kiko buck consigned by Merritt Burke (DE).  Miller is a first time  consigner, whereas Burke is a Five Year Consigner.

1st year consigner P.J. Murphy has a Kiko buck in the sale.

Four bucks met the Silver standards of performance for all traits.  The Silver bucks include a Purebred Kiko consigned by Mark Sweitzer, two percentage Kikos consigned by Merritt Burke, and a Kiko x Boer buck consigned by Luke Miller.

The Sweitzer buck has the biggest rib eye of any buck in the test (according to ultrasound).  All of the bucks in the Burke consignment qualified for the sale.Two out of Miller's three bucks met the requirements for sale.

Eight bucks met the Bronze standards of performance for all traits. The Bronze bucks include two more Burke consignments, two percentage Kikos consigned by Randy & Loli Allen (TN), and individual bucks consigned by John Smith (VA), Stephen & Janet Garrett (VA), Jarred Dennison (KY), and P.J. Murphy (NJ).

Randy & Loli Allen have two % Kiko bucks in the sale.
Their two bucks in the fed pen also performed extremely well.

Murphy and Garrett are first time consigners. Smith is a Five Year Consigner and had the top-performing buck in 2008. The Garrett buck, a Kiko x Spanish, was the top-gaining buck in the test.

Images and data of the 2011 sale bucks have been posted to the web. Fecal egg count data from the September 15 collection still needs to be factored into the test results.

View images and data of 2011 sale bucks