Monday, September 19, 2011

Sale line-up changes

As stated in previous blog entries, the final fecal egg count data from the individual samples collected on September 15 still needed to be factored into the test results.

Fecal egg counts have been increasing over the past six weeks and were higher on September 15 than for any other collection day. High egg counts resulted in the disqualification of five bucks that had previously been selected for the sale.

Up until the last fecal collection, these bucks had met Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze standards of performance for parasite resistance.  But, all five had fecal egg counts above 2,000 epg on September 15 which eliminates them from the sale.  One of the Silver bucks was reduced to Bronze due to his egg count.

The next two highest performing bucks were added to the sale line-up.  These bucks gained 0.173 lbs. per day, 40 percent better than the average buck in the test. The two new sale bucks include a Purebred Kiko consigned by Craig Adams (IL) and a purebred Boer consigned by Sherrie Losch (PA).

Adams has had the top-performing buck and top consignment in each of the last two years.  His buck met the Silver standards of performance for parasite resistance (fecal egg counts).  The Losch buck met the Gold standard of performance for parasite resistance.  In fact, Losch's Boer bucks have usually excelled in parasite resistance.

Eleven bucks met  Gold, Silver, or Bronze standards of performance for growth, parasite resistance, and parasite resilience and will be eligible for the sale on September 24.

2011 sale bucks -- data and images