Friday, April 29, 2011

Nomination update

So far, nine producers from seven states have consigned 32 bucklings to the 2011 Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test. Those who consign five goats are being asked to provide an additional goat (at no cost) for pen feeding and carcass evaluation.

Delaware [1 consigner - 5 goats]
Illinois [1 consigner - 5 goats]
Maryland [2 consigners - 6 goats]
New Jersey [1 consigner - 5 goats
Pennsylvania [2 consigners - 4 goats]
Tennessee [1 consigner - 5 goats]
Vermont [1 consigner - 2 goats]

So far, there are three new consigners. For the first time, nominations have been received from New Jersey and Vermont.  Most of the goats consigned are Kiko. Additional nominations are expected to include some Spanish and high percentage Boer bucks. Breed diversity is being sought for this year's test and sale.

Boer x Kiko - 1
Percentage Kiko - 4
Purebred Kiko - 15
Kiko - 7
Myotonic - 5

The nomination deadline is May 15. It is not necessary to identify specific goats until they are delivered to the test site.  Goats should be delivered to the test site on June 3 or 4. Early delivery of goats to the test site is possible, if the proposed delivery dates create conflicts.