Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mid-Week Update

The 12 top-performing goats are shown in the table below. As parasites have not been an issue so far, the current rankings are based solely on rate-of-gain.

Top 12 performing goats as of 8/26
The top 12 goats include four consigned by Craig Adams (IL), three consigned by Merritt Burke (DE), two consigned by John Smith (VA), two consigned by Dana and Kendell Barnes (KY), and one consigned by Sky and Deborah Shivers (OK). All of the current top 12 goats are either purebred or crossbred Kiko. At the same time, 53 of the 60 goats on test are Kiko or crossbred Kiko.

So far, most of the goats have not required anthelmintic treatment, following the initial double deworming with moxidectin and levamisole on June 6. Fecal egg counts have been significantly lower than in previous years. Coproculture (larvae ID) results show that the barber pole worm (Haemonchus contortus) comprises the majority of the worm infection.

Fecal egg count and coproculture data as of 8/13