Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Better gains, worms still in check

6:30 a.m. -- The goats were worked today by Jeff Semler, David Gordon, Mary Beth Bennett, Jeanne Dietz-Band, Pam Thomas, and Susan Schoenian. Weight gains were the best of any period so far, and internal parasites (primarily barber pole worm) continue to be kept at bay.

FAMACHA© eye anemia, body condition, and coat condition scores were determined by Susan Schoenian. Data was recorded by Pam Thomas. Individual and pooled fecal samples were collected by Susan Schoenian and Mary Beth Bennett and sent via overnite mail to Delaware State University and the University of Georgia, respectively.

Jeff Semler (L) and David Gordon (R)The goats were weighed by Jeff Semler and David Gordon. For the previous 13-day period, weight gain ranged from -2 to +10 lbs. (0.9 to 4.5 kg) and averaged 4.3 lbs. (2 kg) or 0.327 lbs. (147 g) per day.

For the period, the fastest gaining goat was a Kiko buck consigned by Merritt Burke (DE). It gained 10 lbs. or 0.769 lbs. (350 g) per day. One of Craig Adams's (IL) Kiko bucks gained 9 lbs. or 0.692 lbs. (315 g) per day.

For the first 70 days of the test, weight gain has ranged from -5 to +30 lbs. (-2.3 to 13.6 kg) or -0.07 to 0.435 lbs. (-32 to 198 g) per day. The top-gaining goat is a Kiko buck consigned by Merritt Burke. It has gained 30 lbs. or 0.435 lbs. per day while on test.

Close-up of bucksFour out of five of Craig Adams's goats are gaining over 0.30 lbs. (136 g) per day. Merritt Burke has three goats that are gaining more than 0.30 lbs. per day. John Smith (VA) has two goats that are averaging more than 0.30 lbs. per day.

The next best goats are gaining 0.29 lbs. (132 g) per day. There are three of them: two consigned by Dana and Kendall Barnes (KY) and one consigned by Sky and Deborah Shivers (OK). All of the top gaining goats are Kiko or percentage Kiko.

For the August 13 collection, fecal egg counts ranged from 0 to 3,133 eggs per gram and averaged just 493 eggs per gram. Two weeks prior, eggs counts averaged 663 eggs per gram. No goats required anthelmintic treatment today. FAMACHA© scores ranged from 1 to 3 and averaged 1.8, the same as two weeks ago.

Goats grazing fescueThe goats have been and are currently grazing tall fescue. All of the fescue at the test site is MaxQ™. As such, it does not contain the toxic endophyte.

The goats will be worked next on Thursday, September 10th. In addition to the regular data collection, the goats will be scanned to determine their rib fat and rib eye area. Scrotal measurements will be taken. Scrotal splits will be noted and measured. Teats will be counted and evaluated. The goats will also be evaluated for structural correctness (mouths, feet, legs, etc.)

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