Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 42

Friday, August 1, 6:30 a.m. -- the goats were worked today by Jeff Semler, Mary Beth Bennett, Susan Schoenian, Jeanne Dietz-Band, and Cindy Mason.

Average daily gain (ADG) for the previous two weeks ranged from -0.375 (170 g) to 0.50 lbs. (227 g) and averaged 0.181 lbs. (82 g) for the 61 goats on test. Only three goats lost weight.

Top gaining buck consigned by Don Smith (VA)
Two goats tied for having the highest ADG. Crossbred Kiko bucks consigned by Don Smith (VA) and Mark Sweitzer (PA) gained 0.50 lbs. (227 g) per day from July 18 until August 1. Another goat consigned by Don Smith, along with bucks consigned by Sherrie Losch (PA) and Bill Lowe (PA) gained 0.429 lbs. (195 g) per day during this 2-week period.

For the first 42 days of the test, ADG has ranged from -0.357 (162 g) to 0.317 lbs. (144 g) and is averaging 0.120 lbs. (55 g) for the 61 goats on test. ADG is gradually increasing, after a slow start for most of the goats.

Top gaining buck consigned by Mark Sweitzer (PA)For the first 42 days of the test, the goat with the best growth performance is a 79-lb. buck consigned by Bill Lowe. This Kiko x Boer buck is gaining 0.341 lbs. (155 g) per day. Crossbred bucks consigned by Don Smith, Dave Sparks (OK), and Benjamin Mourad (MD) are averaging 0.317 lbs. (144 g) per day, tieing for second best performance thus far.

On August 1, FAMACHA® scores ranged from 1 to 4 and averaged 2.16 compared to 1.75 on July 18. Despite the poorer FAMACHA® scores, only two goats were dewormed. Body conditions scores remained stable and there were not any significant changes recorded for any of the goats.

Boer buck grazing orchardgrass After grazing chicory and pearl millet for the last several weeks, the goats now have access to a two-acre paddock of orchardgrass (1 acre) and Max Q™ tall fescue (1 acre). There is plenty of forage for the goats to graze. Gains should continue to increase. Internal parasites could become more of a problem on the traditional grass pastures.

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