Friday, July 25, 2008

Top five consigners

For the first 28 days of the 2008 Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test, the top five consigners are Terry Hankins (MS), Kendell Barnes (KY), Dave Sparks (OK), Jeanne Dietz-Band (MD), and Robie Robinson (VA).

Collectively, their 18 goats are gaining an average of 0.271 lbs. (123 g) per day versus an average of 0.089 lbs. (40 g) per day for the 61 goats on test.

For the second weigh period (July 3-18), the 18 goats from these five consigners gained an average of 0.371 lbs. (169 g) per day versus an average of 0.167 lbs. (77 g) per day for the 61 goats on test.

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Table showing data from top five consigners

More fecal data
The pooled fecal sample collected on July 18 has already been analyzed by the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine (Dr. Ray Kaplan's lab). It contained 1,200 eggs per gram. The previous pooled fecal sample had only 300 epg. The eggs from this sample are currently being hatched for larva ID.

The individual fecal samples collected on July 18 are still be analyzed by Delaware State University (Dr. Dahlia Jackson's lab). With higher egg counts, we would expect to start seeing some clinical parasitism in some of the goats on the next work day on Friday, August 1. After the goats are moved back to the cool season grass pastures, we would expect to see them become more infected with parasites, as determined by fecal egg counts and FAMACHA© scores.