Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"SEX" goat is tops in test

So far, the top-gaining goat in the test is a "South-East Cross" buck, jokingly referred to as the "SEX" goat (South=S, East=E, and cross=X). In total, there are four of these goats on test, consigned by Robie Robinson and Jim Hannah, from Virginia. They are averaging 0.37 lbs.per day; while the test average is 0.29 lbs. per day.

The South-East Cross is a three-way cross between Boer, Kiko, and dairy (Saanan and Alpine). According to Robie Robinson, "the quest started years ago when the Boer goat was the only meat goat in town." To improve the hardiness of the goats, Robie crossed the Boer with the dairy goats his family kept for personal milk production. This cross improved hardiness, but more progress was needed.

Kikos were added to the cross after Robie went to his first IKGA (International Kiko Goat Assocation) meeting. The three-way crosses that resulted (in the right order, with the right percentages) were line bred to create the South-East Cross. In recent years, dairy bucks from Jim Hannah have been used to improve the cross.

In creating the South-East Cross, Robie's goal is "to get a kid to the highest market value as quickly and inexpensively (least inputs) as possible." The target weight is 60 to 80 lbs.

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