Thursday, August 31, 2006

August 31 - Day 84

Due to the forecast for heavy rain tomorrow, we worked the goats this afternoon, a day early. Wow! What an improvement. Rate of gain for the past 28 days was 0.293 lbs. (133 g) per day compared to 0.238 (108 g) on day 56. Average daily gain for the entire 84-day period is 0.256 lbs. (116 g) per day.

ADG was 0.293 lbs.

It was not necessary to deworm any of the goats this time. FAMACHA© scores ranged from 1 to 3, for an average of 2.03. FAMACHA© scores averaged 2.81 on August 18 and 3.03 on August 4. They have continued to improve since early August when many of the goats were parasitized. Body condition scores also improved, from 2.65 on August 18 to 2.79 today.

It was also not necessary to treat any goat for any other problem. Previously, it had been necesssary to treat some of the goats for respiratory problems (fevers), lice, and other minor infections.

One of the Top performing bucks - "Sir William"

Top Performers
Two bucks are tied for having the highest average daily gain for the first 84 days. A Boer buck consigned by Willie Lantz (A.L.L. Boer Goats, Oakland, MD) has gained 0.481 lbs. (218 g) per day since August 4. His 84-day rate of gain is 0.378 lbs. (171 g) per day. Also averaging 0.378 lbs. per day is a Kiko buck consigned by Robie Robinson (Bluestem Farms, Amelia, VA). His rate of gain for the previous 28 days was 0.296 lbs. (134 g) per day. Four out of the five goats consigned by Don Smith (Back 60 Goat Farm, Charlottsville, VA) are gaining over 0.3 lbs. (136 g) per day. Smith's goats are Boer x Kiko crosses.

Final weights will be recorded on September 29.

Download 84-day report in Excel format
Download 84-day report in PDF format

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