Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Enter Herd Data in Livestocked

Livestocked is an app for keeping livestock records. It enables you to manage data for different herds and species. It is available for Apple, Android, Windows, and the web.  Because data is stored in the cloud, you can synchronize data across devices.

James Cullis from Livestocked gave a presentation at the recent Bluegrass Performance Invitational (BPI) in Frankfort, Kentucky. He encouraged producers to enter their goat herd data into the app.  Livestocked is free to download and use. To access more advanced features, there is a cost of $49 per farm per year.

James is working with the NKR (National Kiko Registry) to calculate EBVs for Kikos.  His goal is to provide EBVs for other goat and sheep breeds.

EBV stands for Estimated Breeding Value. An EBV is an animal's value as a parent; its ability to transmit its genetics onto the next generation. If herds have shared genetics, EBVs can be calculated across-herd, allowing breed improvement.

The goal of livestock selection is to improve the accuracy of selection. Selecting an animal based on what it looks like is the most inaccurate form of selection. EBVs are more accurate than the data from buck tests and on-farm testing because they factor in the performance of relatives, the heritability of the trait, and data from linked traits, as well as the data from the individual animal.

It is not possible to make herd or breed improvement without data. Putting data into centralized databases allows calculation of across-herd breeding values, adjustment factors, and other useful metrics for the meat goat industry.

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