Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our Favorite Bucks

Buckskin (621)
Buckskin (621) was Lexie's favorite buck.
Lexie provided daily care of the goats.
Johnny/Bama (635)
Johnny/Bama (635) quickly established himself as one of the favorites.
He's the only buck that ever jumped onto the work platform.
Nipper (648)
Nipper liked to bite people's bottoms. Nipper is not his politically
correct name. He was also a top 5 buck.
Baby (603)
Baby might be the all-time favorite buck in the Maryland test. He earned his
name, but would also challenge bucks much bigger than himself. If he hadn't
gone back to the farm, someone might have made a pet out of him.
Forest (643, on the left beside Baby)
After being in the sick pen a couple of times, Forest became very
friendly. He did very well the second half of the test.
Boomer (649)
After being the top-performing buck in the first half of the test, Boomer
sensed he was special. He was easily recognizable with his white front leg.
Louie (624)
In the early part of the test, Louie (624) got pinned under one of the grain
feeders. When he was found, he couldn't even hold his head up. Not only
did he recover quickly, but he ended up being a top 10 buck.
The Violator (650)
650 was the biggest buck in the test.
No explanation should be necessary for his nickname.