Sunday, September 25, 2016

Top Performers of 2016

The top-performing bucks must excel in growth performance, parasite resistance, and parasite resilience and meet minimum standards for structural correctness and reproductive soundness.

It was easy to select the five top-performing bucks of this year's test. All five met the criteria for parasite resistance, having average fecal egg counts of less than 1000 epg and high egg counts less than 2000 epg. None required deworming. All exceeded the average for growth. All were structurally and reproductively sound (testicles, teats, teeth, hooves, etc.)

The next five were more difficult to select (six were selected), as all had higher egg counts than in previous years. Of course, this was an especially challenging year for parasites, high egg counts combined with total dewormer resistance. An effort was made to include bucks that did not have excessively high egg counts or multiple high egg counts. The pattern of the egg counts was also examined. None of the second five (six) required deworming. The second group includes the three bucks with the highest ADG and several of the bucks with best USDA grades (muscling scores).

Consigner State ID ADG Avg FEC Avg FAM
Weber IL 687 0.240 775 1.0
Yutzy OH 699 0.216 646 1.7
Peters NC 661 0.153 364 1.8
Murphy NJ 648 0.170 830 1.0
Davis MO 616 0.146 784 2.0
Dennison KY 618 0.294 2408 2.2
Gamby OH 624 0.261 2280 2.2
Loos IL 639 0.269 2355 1.2
Murphy NJ 649 0.216 1922 1.8
Larr IN 638 0.173 1342 1.5
Dennison KY 617 0.151 1456 1.8

This year's top-performing buck is 687 consigned by John Weber from Illinois. The top consigner is Jarred Dennison from Kentucky.  The top consigner is the consigner with the three best bucks. Jarred has two bucks in the top 10.  P.J. Murphy also has two bucks in the top 10. The most resistant buck is 661 consigned by David Peters from  North Carolina. The most resilient bucks are 687 and 648 consigned by Weber and Murphy, respectively.

The top-gaining buck is 618 consigned by Jarred Dennison. Richard Gamby and Angie Loos also had goats with ADG above 0.25 lbs. per day. 639 is the only buck that was graded a USDA Selection 1. 649 had the largest scrotal circumference (27 cm) of any buck in the test.

Click on the table below to view a more complete summary of the data from this year's top performing bucks.