Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Day 56 Leader Board

As of day 56, these are the fifteen top-performing bucks. None of these top-performing goats has required deworming. Eleven of the fifteen have not had fecal egg counts above 2000 epg. Eleven of the fifteen have average fecal egg counts below 1000 epg (5 samples). Eleven of the fifteen have ADG ratios above 100.

The goats will be weighed and scored two more times (September 15 and 29). They will be weighed two days in a row (September 29 and 30) to determine off-test weights. Two more fecal samples will be collected.  Much can still change in test results. Another buck may emerge as the leader. The top 10 may reshuffle. Another buck may be added to the group.

As of day 56, the most resistant buck in the test is #661 (Peters, NC). Several goats are tied for being the most resilient (lowest average FAMACHA© scores).  The top-gaining goat is #650 (Murphy, NJ).  650 is gaining 0.329 lbs. per day. Three additional goats are gaining more than 0.3 lbs. per day:  618 (Dennison, KY), 639 (Loos, IL), and 649 (Murphy). Angie Loos also has the top-gaining goat in the Performance & Carcass Contest. It is gaining 0.464 lbs. per day.

Only "tough" bucks thrive in the Maryland test!

Towards the end of the test, the goats will be scanned to determine rib eye area and depth. They will be evaluated for structural correctness, reproductive soundness, and USDA grade.