Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Contest Begins

Fifteen bucks began the Performance & Carcass Contest on June 23-24. Arrival weights ranged from 28.6 to 60.8 lbs. and averaged 47 + 9.9 lbs. The median weight was 46.8 lbs.

The contest goats are housed in a 16 x 16 foot pen, with a three-sided shelter and environmental enrichment. They will be limit fed a diet consisting of a mixed grass-legume hay and whole barley, along with free choice minerals. The goal is moderate growth.

Being introduced to barley

After the 13-day adjustment period, starting weights will be determined on July 7-8. The contest goats will be weighed every four weeks. They will be harvested soon after final weights are determined on September 30.

Download June 23-24 Contest Report, d (-13)