Monday, April 25, 2016

33 Goats Nominated So Far

So far, thirty-three (33) goats have been nominated to the 2016 Western Maryland Pasture-Based  Meat Goat Performance Test. Two goats have been nominated for the Performance & Carcass Contest. A minimum of 10 is needed.

All nominations received by the June 1 deadline will be treated equally. A maximum of 80 goats is being sought for this year's test. If nominations exceed test capacity, previous consigners and Maryland residents will be favored. In the past, voluntary reductions in consignments have reduced numbers sufficiently.

It is not necessary to nominate specific goats to the test. Only the number of goats is needed at the time of nomination. Consigners who consign five goats to the test and enter a goat in the carcass contest will receive a $20 per head discount for test goats.

State # consigners # test goats # contest goats
Alabama 1 5 1
Georgia 1 4 0
Kentucky 2 10 1
Missouri 2 4 0
New Jersey 1 5 0
Ohio 1 5 0
TOTAL 8 33 2

Spring has been very dry in Western Maryland. Consequently, the sheep have not been brought for grazing (yet).