Monday, March 21, 2016

2016 WV Small Ruminant Evaluation

West Virginia University conducts an annual performance test for rams and bucks. Due to changes in funding, the test has been moved from Wardensville to Morgantown.

Rams/bucks should be delivered to WVU Animal Science Farm on Saturday, May 14. Nomination forms need to be post-marked by April 29 and include a check for $20 per ram/buck. The estimated cost of testing is $100, due at the time the rams/bucks are delivered to the test site.

A maximum of 30 rams and 30 bucks will be accepted for the test. Rams/bucks of any meat breed will be accepted to the test. Rams/bucks will be sold August 20.

Pertinent documents can be downloaded from the West Virginia Small Ruminant Evaluation web site at