Monday, November 2, 2015

NKR Supports Buck Test

The National Kiko Registry (NKR) would like to congratulate all the participants in this year’s Western Maryland Pasture-Based Buck Performance Test. Remember that performance data can be added at any time to your NKR certificate of registration.

Just send us an official announcement of the performance status, along with your original certificate, and we will add it at no cost. Performance testing plays an important role in the Kiko industry and NKR wants you and your goats to get the recognition you deserve.

The list of Kiko breeders who choose the National Kiko Registry as their registry of choice continues to grow each month with nearly 500 clients to date!  No other registry serves as many breeders, DNAs more goats, or registers more Kikos than the National Kiko Registry.

Support performance testing

Nor does any other organization representing any breed of goat offer more educational opportunities to the meat goat industry - and we do this free of charge, investing our profits in facilities, travel and lodging for speakers, goat meat meals, promotional DVDs, brochures, advertising incentives to private sales, and more!

Ninety-five percent of the goats sold at the Southeast Kiko Goat Association sale were registered with NKR, and 100% of goats sold at the Spotlight Kiko Sale, Oklahoma Hills sale, Appalachian Kiko sale and Cream of the Crop sale are registered with the NKR.

NKR representatives attended nearly a dozen meat goat functions this year promoting the Kiko goat and NKR breeders, and the NKR partners with the Southeast Kiko Goat Association each fall to promote Kiko goats at the Sunbelt Expo, one of the largest ag expositions in the nation.  In the December issue of GoatRancher, the NKR will purchase 6 full pages to promote the Kiko and publish the NKR Breeders List.

Professional management, great customer service and the best group of Kiko breeders in the world make NKR the No. 1goat registry anywhere. To learn more about NKR, scroll through our Facebook page, visit, or call or e-mail the contacts listed on our website. If you have questions, we have answers! The NKR management is thankful for the support so many breeders have shown.

Information provided by Terry Hankins

Editor's note:  The Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test does not endorse any meat goat registry. In fact, registration is not a requirement of the test. The test is open to any breed or cross of goat, with or without registration status or eligibility. The test appreciates the support of goat breed associations and registries and believes that all groups should be united in their support of performance testing.