Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Top Bucks, Day 70

If the test were to have ended on day 70 (September 17), these would have been the top bucks in the test. All have gained more than 0.20 lbs. per day. All have average fecal egg counts below 1000 epg. None have had a fecal egg count above 1500 epg.  

None have had FAMACHA© scores above 3 and none have required deworming (or any other treatment). In the table below, the bucks are sorted according to lowest average egg count.

With two weeks left in the test, much can still change. The fecal egg counts from September 17 are still being analyzed. A final fecal sample will be collected on October 1 and factored into the test results and selection of the top 10 bucks. Final weights will be determined on October 1 and 2. The bucks will be scanned for muscling (rib eye area) on September 24. The bucks will be evaluated for reproductive soundness (teats and testicles) and structural correctness (feet, legs, hooves, and teeth) on October 1.

Selection of the Top 10 bucks will be based on growth rate (ADG), parasite resistance (fecal egg counts), and parasite resilience (FAMACHA© scores and need for deworming).   Ultrasound carcass data, reproductive soundness and structural correctness may also factor into the final selection.

In addition to a top-10 designation, a top buck and top consignment will be determined for this year's test.