Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Meeting Standards for Parasite Resistance

Midway through the test (day-42), approximately 25 percent of the bucks were still meeting the GOLD standards for parasite resistance. The Gold standard requires an average fecal egg count below 500 epg and a high egg count that does not exceed 1000 epg.

The table does not include bucks who have missing data points. Some of them are still meeting the Gold standards, but with less data. They will be included in the final analysis. The final analysis will include three more fecal egg counts:  September 3, September 17, and October 1.

Not only do fecal egg counts vary by individual goat, but they also vary by consignment. John Weber (IL) and Randy & Jodie Majanczik (KY) both have three bucks that are still meeting the Gold standards for parasite resistance.  Kendell & Dana Barnes (KY), Waldo Nelson (MD), and Tracy Loyd (NC) each have two bucks that are meeting the standards.

#584 is one of the most resistant bucks in the test (so far)

So far, the most parasite resistant buck in the test is #565, a purebred Kiko consigned by first-time consignor Robert Pursel (PA). Many of the most resistant bucks are also among the top-gainers in the test.