Monday, September 29, 2014

Summary: 2014 Pen vs. Pasture Study

You can read a summary of this year's pen vs. pasture study at

The results were similar to last year, in which the pen goats performed better, were healthier, and produced superior carcasses. However, despite the results, the economics of pen feeding will vary by year and farm and be dependent upon many factors, including feed costs and market prices.

This year's pen-fed goats

This is the third year in which the Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board funded the pen vs. pasture study. Their support of the University of Maryland's goat research and extension program is greatly appreciated.The goat test has also benefited from the funding received for the pen vs. pasture study.

For the past four years, the pen vs. pasture study has taken 10-15 spots in the buck test. As this was the last year of the study, there will be room for an additional 15 bucks in next year's test. For the past two, years, the test has not been able to accept all nominations.

Special thanks is extended to those consigners who provided bucks for the pen vs. pasture studies.

Summary of 2014 Pen vs. Pasture Study