Monday, August 25, 2014

Ultrasound Scanning

On August 20, the goats were scanned using realtime ultrasound to determine their rib eye area (REA), loin depth, and rib fat. Jim Pritchard from West Virginia University did the scanning. The scan data was sent to the National CUP Lab & Technology Center in Iowa for processing.

Since rib eye area and loin depth tend to increase with size (weight), the results were compared using the weights recorded on August 14.  For example, bucks weighing 40-49 lbs. on August 14 were only compared with bucks in that same weight range. A ratio was determined for each buck by dividing its rib eye measurement into the average of its weight group.

Two bucks (#'433s and 441) tied for having the largest rib eye area: 1.19 square inches. #433 is a Kiko cross consigned by Linda Heise (PA). It also had the most loin depth at 0.80 inches. #441 is a Purebred Kiko consigned by Jody Majancsik (KY). Also noteworthy:  David Peters (NC) has a New Zealand Kiko buck (#455) with a rib eye area of 1.17 square inches.

The buck with the highest ratio (for rib eye area) was #435, a Purebred Kiko consigned by Patricia Larr (IN).  Its rib eye area was 1.10 square inches. It weighed 49 lbs. on August 14. Its ratio was 145 percent. Also noteworthy:  all of the bucks in the Stemme (TX) and Loos (IL) consignments had ratios above 100 percent.

The scan data is provided for informational purposes only. It is not used to select sale bucks.

Download Scan Report