Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bucks Gain Weight

For the first time in this year's test, most of the bucks (n=63) made meaningful gains. The gains can  be attributed to many factors, including compensatory gains, good quality (and plentiful forage), energy supplementation, and reduced parasitism. 

Top-gaining buck, d-70 (Majancsik, KY)

For the past two weeks, gain ranged from -7.4 to 9.4 lbs. and averaged 2.8 ± 3.1 lbs. The median gain was 3.0 lbs. Average daily gain (ADG) ranged from -0.529 to 0.671 lbs. per day and averaged 0.202 ± 0.223 lbs. per day. The median ADG was 0.214. Unfortunately, 11 bucks still lost weight.

For the time period, the top-gaining goat was #456, a New Zealand Kiko consigned by David Peters (NC). Other top-gainers were #449, a Purebred Kiko consigned by Waldo Nelson, and #434, a Boer x Kiko consigned by Linda Heise (PA).  These bucks gained 8.8 and 8.6 lbs., respectively. Waldo Nelson had the top-gaining consignment. Waldo's three bucks gained an average of a 7.5 lbs.

For the first 70 days of the test, ADG ranged from -0.154 to 0.169 lbs. per day and averaged 0.040 ± .070 lbs. per day. The median ADG is 0.049 lbs. per day. As of day-70, the top-gaining buck is #441, a Purebred Kiko consigned by Jodie Majancsik (KY). Second best gaining buck is #453, a New Zealand Kiko consigned by Chris Patrick (KY). It is gaining 0.141 lbs. per day.

FAMACHA© scores continued to improve. They ranged from 1 to 5 and averaged 1.9 ± 0.7 compared to 2.3 ± 0.5 two weeks ago. The median FAMACHA© score was 2.0. Only four goats were dewormed, compared to 11 two weeks ago.

Body condition and coat condition scores remained unchanged, while dag scores and fecal consistency scores improved, as the goats adjusted to the vegetative growth of the warm season annuals.

For the remainder of the test, the bucks will have access to all of the paddocks (5 acres) that were planted in warm season annual grasses and legumes. They will continue to be supplemented with 0.75  lbs. of soybean hulls per head per day.

More forage than they can eat

Next week, the bucks will be scanned to determine their rib eye area. Final data will be collected on August 28. In addition to the usual scoring, the bucks will be evaluated for reproductive soundness (teats and testicles) and structural correctness (hooves, bites, etc.). The goats will be weighed on August 28 and 29. The two weights will be averaged to determine the final test weight. Sale bucks will not be chosen until the final fecal egg count data is received.

At the conclusion of the test, all of the bucks will be given another 0.5 g gel cap of copper oxide wire particles (COWPs).

Download August 14 (d-70) Report