Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hoop House Cover Destroyed

On July 8-9, storms damaged the hoop house cover beyond repair. The storms were short in duration, but were accompanied by fierce winds. The cover was removed and will need to be replaced. Some modifications will be necessary to prevent a repeat occurrence.

The cover lasted less than 2 weeks.

Plans are underway to begin grazing the warm season annuals. Five acres of pearl millet, cow peas, and Sunn Hemp have been planted for grazing during the second six weeks of the test. The Sunn Hemp is showing the most vigorous growth. Growing conditions have been excellent since planting.

Sunn Hemp (Crotalaria juncea)

Sunn Hemp (Crotalaria juncea) is a fast-growing warm season legume. It is a tropical Asian plant. Cow peas are also a warm-weather legume. Pearl millet is a warm season annual grass.