Monday, December 2, 2013

2014 Test Schedule

-- Revised --

The 2014 schedule has been revised in order to hold the sale of top-performing bucks on September 6. The adjustment period is being shortened to six days.

For the 2014 Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test, bucks should be delivered to the test site on Friday, May 30. Earlier deliveries can be pre-arranged, but no bucks can be delivered after May 30.

After a 6-day adjustment period, the goats will be worked for the first time on Thursday, June 5. Weights from consecutive days will used to determine starting weights. The bucks will be worked every two weeks during the test period. The test will end on Thursday, August 28. Weights from consecutive days will be used to determine ending weights.

Perennial cool season grasses

The 2014 test will include two phases. The first six weeks of the test (June 5-July 17) will serve as a "parasite challenge." The goats will graze cool season grass paddocks that have been pre-contaminated with infective, bu anthelmintic-susceptible worm larvae.

The second six weeks of the test (July 17-Aug 28) will serve as a "growth challenge." The goats will graze annual pastures. In addition, they will receive a copper oxide wire bolus (0.5 g) on July 17 and have access to good quality grass hay. Hay consumption will be limited to 1 lb. per head per day (approximately 1.5 to 2.0 percent of body weight).

Annual pasture (forage sorghum)

2014 schedule
Friday, May 30 - goats arrive
Thursday, June 5 - data collection
Friday, June 6- reweigh goats to determine starting weights
Thursday, June 19 - data collection
Thursday, July 3 - data collection
Thursday, July 17 - data collection
Thursday, July 31 - data collection
Thursday, Aug 14 - data collection
Thursday, Aug 28 - data collection
Friday, Aug 29 - reweigh goats to determine ending weights
Saturday, Sept 6 - sale in Kentucky

Towards the end of the test, the goats will be evaluated for reproductive soundness and structural correctness. They will be scanned to estimate their rib eye area.

Bucks that do not qualify for the sale may be picked up from the test site in Maryland, transported to Kentucky for pick-up (fee required), or taken to a sale barn in Pennsylvania.