Sunday, September 22, 2013

Three Bucks Top $1000

Three of the fourteen top-performing bucks sold for more than $1,000 at the Mid-Atlantic Small Ruminant Extravaganza, held September 21 in Chatham, Virginia. A fourth buck brought $950.

John Weber's top-gaining buck brought $1350.

The top-selling buck was the top-gaining buck consigned by John Weber from Illinois. It brought $1350. Weber also had the second high-selling buck. It brought $1200.

The top-performing buck consigned by Sam Burke from Delaware sold for $1100. John Smith sold his top-performing buck for $950.

Another Weber buck brought $1200.

Craig Adams (Illinois) sold two bucks for over $500. P.J. Murphy (New Jersey) also had a $500 buck. Jarred Dennison's (Kentucky) top-performing buck brought $700.

Burke's top-performing buck brought $1100.
Thanks to all of the buyers of this year's top-performing bucks.