Saturday, September 14, 2013

Growth (ADG) Summary

For the 70 bucks that finished the test, ADG ranged from -0.027 to 0.236 lbs. (-12 to 107 g) per day and averaged 0.073 + 0.053 lbs. (33 + 24 g)  per day. Only four goats lost weight. The ten top-gaining goats had an average daily gain of 0.165 lbs. (75 g) per day.

Upon arrival, the 70 bucks ranged in weight from 27.0 to 68.6 lbs. and averaged 43.1 + 9.3 lbs. After the 13-day adjustment period, weights ranged from 29.4 to 67.2 lbs. and averaged 44.2 + 9.0 lbs. After the 84-day test period, final weights ranged from 31.7 to 75.5 lbs. (14.4 to 34.3 kg) and averaged 50.3 + 9.9 lbs (22.9 + 4.5 kg). The minimum starting weight for the test is 35 lbs. The maximum is 70 lbs.

The ten top-gaining goats are shown in the table below.  All but one, were selected for the sale. If you consider the eleven top-gaining goats, all of the bucks in Weber consignment were top-gainers. John Weber is a first year consigner from Illinois.

Weber's top-gaining buck (#375)

This year's growth rates were less than previous years. There are many possible explanations:  wet weather, heavy parasite burdens, and low dry matter (in forage). Each year of the test, the bucks face different environmental conditions and challenges. The bucks in one year cannot be compared to bucks from another year or in another test.

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