Tuesday, July 23, 2013

About This Year's Test Bucks

Eighty-six percent (n=70) of the bucks in the 2013 Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test are Kiko. Ninety-five percent (n=77) are Kiko sired. There are three Boers in the test and one Genemaster. The remaining seven bucks are various crosses with Kiko, Spanish, and Savanna.

When official weights were recorded on June 13, the average age of the bucks was 118 + 20 days. Age ranged from 87 to 162 days. The youngest buck was born on March 18. The oldest was born on January 2. The median birth date was February 18.

Twenty-five percent of the bucks were creep-fed (n=20) prior to their arrival at the test. Sixty-four percent (n=51) of their dams were fed grain during their lactation. Thirty-three percent (n=27) of the bucks were raised in pasture-only production systems, with neither the doe or kids receiving any grain.

The average age of the dams siring the bucks in the test was 3.9 + 1.7 years. None of the bucks were sired by yearling dams. Twenty-seven percent (n=19) were born to 2 year old does. If herds are making genetic progress, the youngest does in the herd should have the best genetics.

The average birth type of the bucks in this year's test is 2.1 + 0.6 (twins=2). Seventy-one percent (n=57) are twin-born. Single and triplet births account for 10.0 (n=8) and 17.5 (n=14) percent of the bucks, respectively. There is one quad-born buck (picture above, #317) in the test.

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