Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So far, 29 bucks nominated to test

So far, 29 bucks have been nominated to the 2013 Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test. Eight consigners from eight different states (DE, KS, KY, IL, IN, MD, NC, and VA) have nominated from 2 to 5 bucks each.  Four are first time consigners. Of the 29 nominated bucks, 22 are Kiko, 2 are Boer, and 5 are unknown.

The nomination period will extend through May 15. All nominations received by the deadline will be treated equally.  If nominations exceed the carrying capacity of the test, preference will be given to previous consigners and Maryland residents.

New fencing in laneway

It is not necessary to identify specific bucks at the time of nomination. Upon delivery to the test site, a buck information sheet will be required for each buck, along with appropriate health documents.

Prior to delivery to the test site, bucks should be weaned, vaccinated (for CD-T), acclimated to pasture, and exposed to worm larvae. It is not recommended that bucks be fed for high rates-of-gain prior to the test.  A pasture test does not usually support high rates of gain.

Woodland pasture, April 12, 2013

A cool spring

Similar to many parts of the country, Western Maryland has experienced a cool spring. The grass has been slow to grow. Once the pastures get further along, sheep will be brought in to contaminate the pastures with infective worm larvae and graze the excess growth of grass.

Work is underway to replace all of the interior fences. the laneway fence will be woven wire. The cross fences will be high-tensile, electric. In addition, all of the gates are being replaced.

New gates

We still have hopes of putting a building over the handling system. Unfortunately, the funding for the building was lost.  Free free to make a tax-deductible donation to the building fund!