Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summary report

A summary report has been created. It summarizes the data for all the bucks in this year's test.

It includes:
Starting weight, lbs. (average for June 14 and 15)
Final weight, lbs. (average for Sept. 6 and 7)
ADG, lbs. per day
ADG ratio (compared to average for all bucks)
REA (rib eye area, square inches), 1 measurement (August 22)
REA ratio (compared to average of bucks in weight group)
High FEC (fecal egg count, epg)
Average FEC  (epg), 6-7 samples per buck
High FAMACHA©  score (1-5)
Average FAMACHA©  score (1-5), 8 scores per buck
Number of anthelmintic treatments (# Tx)
SC (scrotal circumference, cm), 1 measurement (September 6)
SC ratio (compared to average of bucks in weight group)
Number of teats

A group of colorful bucks

The report also includes the buck's breed, birth date, birth type and type of rearing, and indicates whether or not the buck was creep fed.

Download summary report -- revised 9.13.12