Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Named goats

During the course of the test and study, several goats earn names because of their personalities and/or physical traits. Here are this year's named goats: :

#87 King Kong (Study-Pen)

King Kong is the biggest and most dominant buck in the pen. He likes to stand on top of the hay feeder and lord over the other goats. Kong is a Saanen x Boer buck provided by Jill Zink (IN).  
#33 Bambi (Test)

Bambi is the smallest buck in the test. He is a Myotonic consigned by Kent Ozkum (MD). At the start of the test, Bambi looked like a Katahdin lamb because of his soft, fuzzy coat  and lack of horn growth. He often climbs into the cage of the head gate.

#88 Poofy Head (Study-Pasture)

We like #88 for his fluffy locks of hair. Poofy Head is a Sannen x Boer buck provided by Jill Zink (IN). He is in the pasture group of the pen vs. pasture study.
 #35 Felix (Test)

Felix is Pam's favorite. We think Felix, a Kiko x Oberhasli buck consigned by Dee & David Richhart (IN), is one of the most striking goats in the test. He is also one of six bucks still meeting the Gold standards for parasite resistance.
#78 Napoleon (Study-Pasture)

Napoleon is David's and Jeff's favorite. Napoleon is part of the pen vs. pasture study. He was provided for the study by Kent Ozkum (MD). Last year, the Myotonic bucks in both groups had the best carcasses. We are looking forward to seeing Napoleon's carcass.
#80 Joey (Study-Pen)

 Joey is a Kiko x Nubian buck provided for the pen vs. pasture study by Stephanie Simpson (WV). He is Susan's favorite because of his sweet personality. Susan is not looking forward to seeing his carcass.