Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 Top Consigner

An award will be presented to this year's top consigner. The top consigner is determined by averaging the data of a consigner's three best bucks. Thus, a consigner must consign at least three goats to be eligible for the award.

This year's top consigner is Randy & Jodie Majancsik from Kentucky. They are first year consigners. Two of their bucks qualified for the sale: #'s 24 and 26. A third buck of theirs was added to the sale. #29 is the most parasite resistant buck in the test. He also had the highest rate-of-gain.

In contention for this year's top consigner award was Sam Burke from Delaware. Sam was last year's top consigner. He has consigned bucks to the test in the six out of seven years that the test has existed. Sam has the top-performing buck in the 2012 test: #9.

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