Thursday, August 9, 2012

Goats continue to gain

Weight gain for this period (July 26-Aug 9) ranged from -5 to 12 lbs. and averaged 2.0 ± 2.6 lbs. The median gain was 2.0 lbs. Average daily gain (ADG) ranged from -0.357 to 0.857 lbs. per day and averaged 0.143 ± 0.187 (65 ± 85 g). The median ADG was 0.143 lbs.

The top-gaining goat for the period was #51, a purebred Kiko buck consigned by Jill Zink (IN). It gained a whopping 12 lbs. or 0.857 lbs. per day. #8, a Kiko buck consigned by Tim & Lisa Blackaby (KY) gained 7 lbs. or 0.5 lbs. per day for the period.

Early a.m. -- before working

For the first 56 days of the test, ADG ranged from 0.009 to 0.348 lbs. per day and averaged 0.187 ± 0.077 lbs. (85 ± 35 g) per day. The median gain was 0.196 lbs. No goat has lost weight during the test. No goat has died and no goat has failed to thrive.

Zink goat takes lead
As of d-56, the top-gaining goat in the test is #43. This Purebred Kiko buck consigned by Jill Zink is gaining 0.348 lbs. (158 g) per day. The next top-gaining goat is #29, a Kiko x Boer buck consigned by Randy & Jodie Majancsik (KY) that is gaining 0.330 lbs. per day.

Kendall and Dana Barnes (KY) have the third fastest gaining buck, #5, another Kiko. It is gaining 0.295 lbs. per day. Previously, this was the top-performing buck, but it didn't gain any weight during the past two weeks (why?).

Jill Zink's top-gaining Kiko buck (#43)

Compared to two weeks ago, FAMACHA© scores weakened. They ranged from 1 to 4 and averaged 2.10 ± 0.68, compared to 1.49 on July 25. The median FAMACHA© score was 2.0 compared to 1, two weeks ago. Two goats were dewormed.

Goats with 3 FAMACHA© scores are usually not dewormed, unless there are other reasons. One goat with a FAMACHA© score of 3 was dewormed because it had lost weight (-5 lbs) and had a low grade fever (104ºF).

Body condition scores (BCS) had a narrow range (2-3) and averaged 2.42 ± 0.27, similar to two weeks ago.  However, the median score is now 2.5.  Coat condition scores were a little above 2.0 (2.09), as several goats had nice, slick, shiny coats, indicative of good health and vigor. All dag scores were 0. No goat showed any signs of scouring (diarrhea).

Bucks, at rest

The goats were worked today by Jeff Semler, David Gordon, Susan Schoenian, and Pam Thomas. The goats were weighed by Jeff Semler. Susan Schoenian did the scoring and Pam Thomas and David Gordon recorded the data.

The goats will be worked next on Wednesday, August 22, a day early due to state fair obligations of several team members. In addition to the usual data collection, Jim Pritchard from West Virginia University will scan the goats to determine rib eye area.

Pasture conditions remain good. There is ample forage of good quality and variety. Daytime temperatures sometimes exceed 90ºF, but the weather has not been as extreme as it was earlier in the test.

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