Monday, August 20, 2012

10 Top-Performing Bucks, d-56

The following table lists the 10 top-performing bucks as of d-56.

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To determine the top 10 bucks, the bucks were first ranked according to average daily gain (ADG). To be deemed a top-performing buck, the buck also has to meet Gold, Silver, or Bronze Standards of Performance for parasite resistance (avg. and high FEC) and parasite resilience (FAMACHA© scores and # anthelmintic treatments). As you can see from the table, several of the top-gaining bucks were eliminated, due to disqualifying fecal data. So far, none of the top-gaining bucks have required deworming.

Ten of the current top-gaining bucks (n=21) are meeting the Gold, Silver, or Bronze Standards of Performance for growth, parasite resistance, and parasite resilience.  Three bucks are currently meeting the Gold standard of performance for all three traits. These include two bucks consigned by Randy & Jodie Majancsik (KY) and one buck consigned by Verlin Garber (TN). Other consigners with top-performing bucks (Silver and Bronze) include:  Jill Zink (IN), John Smith (VA), and Sam Burke (DE). 

As of d-56, the Garber buck (#21) is the most parasite resistant (as evidenced by lowest average FEC) buck in the test. One of the Majancsik bucks (#29) is averaging only 2 more eggs per gram than the Garber buck.

As of d-56, another Majancsik buck (#25) is the most parasite resilient bucks in the test. Its average (and obviously highest) FAMACHA© score is 1.

The bucks love their rocks.

As of d-56, Jill Zink has the goat with the highest average daily gain. However, this buck is only meeting the Silver standard for average FEC and the Bronze standard for high FEC; thus it is a Bronze buck.

These rankings are likely to change, as data is collected two more times:  August 22 and September 6.

Awards will be presented for the top-gaining buck, most parasite resistant buck, most parasite resilient buck, and top consigner.