Monday, June 18, 2012

New faces

The 2012 Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test welcomes two new faces:  Erin Canfield and Dr. Mara Mullinix.

Erin takes care of the goats on a daily basis. She will also feed the goats in the pen vs. pasture study and keep records.  Erin is a former 4-Her and is a college student.  She raises sheep, goats, and cattle and operates a livestock hauling business.

Erin Canfield

Mara Mullinix is the new consulting veterinarian for the goat test. Dr. Mullinix has a mixed veterinary practice in Monrovia, Maryland. She has considerable experience working with small ruminants and is a native of Nebraska.

Dr. Mara Mullinix

Some consigners may have met Dr. Mullinix at least year's field day and sale. She wrote health papers for the sale animals.