Friday, May 18, 2012

Fifty-four goats nominated

Fifty-four (54) bucks were nominated to the 2012 Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test.  The nomination deadline was May 15.

State - # consigners (# bucks)
Delaware - 1 (5)
Indiana - 2 (7)
Kentucky - 4 (18)
Maryland -3 (10)
Pennsylvania - 1 (1)
Tennessee - 1 (3)
Vermont - 1 (2)
Virginia - 2 (8)

There are five new consigners to the test.  Several consigners from previous years opted not to participate this year.

As stated in previous blog entries, most of the bucks are Kiko or Kiko-influenced.  There is one Boer, one Spanish, two Myotonics, and various crosses with Boer, Kiko, Spanish, and dairy breeds.

The fifty-four goats in test will be joined by fifteen goats from the pen vs. pasture study, resulting in 69 bucks being grazed on the pasture.  Last, 81 goats were grazed. 

Pasture update
The pasture resource consists of 12.5 acres.  Five acres of cool season grasses (MaxQ tall fescue and orchardgrass) were mowed this week for hay. Five inches of growth was left to encourage regrowth. Some of the hay that was harvested will be fed to the 15 goats in the pen.

Four acres is being planted in a summer mixture of forages. Due to drought conditions in the West, we were unable to get any crab grass or dwarf millet seed. Our original plans had been to plant two acres of dwarf pearl millet and two acres of crab grass. 

The balance of the pasture resource is a one acre paddock of mixed grass and forbs and 2.5 acres of woodland pasture.  Neither of these paddocks will be mowed (at least until the goats have a chance to graze them).