Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nomination packets

The nomination period for the 2012 Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test is April 1 through May 15.  Nomination packets were recently mailed to previous consigners (past 2 years) to the test.

To request a nomination packet, please contact Pam Thomas at (301) 432-2767 x315 or  Documents included in the nomination packets may also be downloaded from this blog (right hand column).

Last year's top buck (front)  - 1/2 Kiko x 1/2 Boer

Consigners may nominate up to five goats to the test.  A minimum of two is recommended.  The test is open to male goats of any breed or type, regardless of registration status or eligibility.

It is not necessary to identify specific goats at the time of nomination, only the number. The buck info sheets may be submitted when the goats are brought to the test site on June 2. Health papers are required of the bucks in the test.

Consigners to the test are encouraged to provide two additional bucks for the pen vs. pasture comparison study. The bucks from the study should be genetically-similar (preferably half sibs) and weigh around 40 lbs. on June 2.  Those providing bucks for the study will be paid $100 per buck.  Fifteen pairs of bucks will be required for the study.