Friday, September 16, 2011

Egg counts continue to increase

For the individual fecal samples collected on September 1, fecal egg counts ranged from 143 to 4,933 eggs per gram and averaged 1437 epg, compared to 887 on August 18 and 338 on August 4.  With the exception of one goat in the pen, no goat had a negative fecal test.

Sixty-four percent (n=50) of the goats had fecal egg counts above 1,000 epg.  Twenty-two percent (n=17) had fecal egg counts above 2,000 epg. These are the highest egg counts that have occurred in this year's test.

September 1 Fecal egg counts (EPG)
Individual bucks are represented on the horizontal axis

As expected, the goats in the feed pen had low fecal egg counts.

The fecal egg count data from yesterday still needs to be incorporated into the test results. The data should be available on Monday, September 19.

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