Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boer buck tops sale

A Full Blood Boer buck consigned by Sherrie Losch (PA) was the high-selling buck at the 2011 Western Maryland Goat Field Day & Sale held on September 24 near Boonsboro, MD.  The 11 bucks that met the 2011 Gold, Silver, or Bronze standards of performance were offered for sale via silent auction.

The Losch buck met the Gold standards of performance for parasite resistance and parasite resilience. It sold for $875. The buyer was Lynda Heise from St. Thomas, PA.  Losch's Boer bucks have usually posted good fecal egg count data.

High-selling Boer buck
(L-R) Lynda Heise and Sherrie Losch

The next high-selling buck was a Purebred Kiko consigned by P.J. Murphy (NJ). It sold for $725.  It was also purchased by Lynda Heise. Murphy is a first year consigner and previous buyer of top-performing bucks.

Merritt "Sam" Burke (DE) was the top consigner in this year's test.  He sold all four of his bucks that qualified for the sale.  His top selling buck brought $450.  It sold to Mike & Rachel Moran from Alderson, WV.  Burke was also recognized for being a five year consigner to the test.

The top-gaining buck was a Savanna x Spanish buck consigned by Janet & Stephen Garrett (VA). The crossbred buck sold for $350. The buyer was Zach Teter from Beverly, WV. The Garretts are first year consigners.

2011 Top consigner and 5 year consigner 
(L-R) Lawrence Burke and Sam Burke

The top-performing buck in this year's test was a Kiko x Boer buck consigned by Luke Miller from Indiana. This was the only buck that met the Gold standards of performance.  Miller also had a buck that met the Silver standards of performance.

Both of Miller's top-performing crossbred bucks are going back to his Indiana farm for breeding. Miller is a first year consigner to the test and a previous buyer of top-performing bucks.

In addition to the bucks sold in the sale, Lincoln University (Missouri) purchased four bucks from the test via private treaty. For their upcoming research project, they required two parasite "resistant" and two parasite "susceptible" registrable Kiko bucks.

The four Kiko bucks selected by Lincoln will be used in a divergent selection experiment on parasite resistant. It will be interesting to follow the progress of this research. Of particular interest will be the fecal egg counts of the offspring sired by the two resistant and two susceptible bucks from the test.

Top-performing Gold buck
Consigned by Luke Miller

Lincoln purchased the most resistant buck in the test, a Purebred Kiko consigned by Craig Adams (IL).  The Adams buck never had a fecal egg count above 500 epg. Its average egg count was 131 epg. The Adams buck was also one of the most resilient bucks in this year's test.  All of his FAMACHA© scores were 1.

Jeanne Dietz-Band (MD) also had a buck whose FAMACHA© scores were all 1. The other "resistant" buck purchased by Lincoln University was a Purebred Kiko buck consigned by Mike & Lori Renick (WV).

Seven does were offered for sale via private treaty. The high-selling doe was a Kiko yearling doe consigned by P.J. Murphy.  It sold for $600. Mark Sweitzer's four Kiko doe kids brought an average of $225 each.

Goats in the feed pen are scheduled for harvest on 9/29

Thanks is extended to everyone who was involved with the 2011 test, sale, and field day:  university faculty and staff, consigners, buyers, bidders, speaker, veterinarians, vendors, and volunteers.