Friday, August 5, 2011

Goats Enjoy the Shade

During this period the goats enjoyed the shade while grazing the cool and warm season grasses among the walnut and mixed hardwood trees. They gained an average of 0.8 lbs. or 0.055 lbs. per day over these past 15 days.

The goats were worked on Thursday, August 4th, by Jeff Semler, Jeanne Dietz- Band, Derrick Bender, and Pam Thomas. Derrick weighed the goats, Jeff scored the goats, and Pam recorded the data.

Gains from July 21st through August 4th ranged from -2.0 lbs. to +4.0 lbs. for individual goats. Another way to look at it, ADG from -0.067 lbs. to +0.125 lbs. for the 80 goats in the pasture test. Ten goats lost weight.  Fifty- three gained weight and seven had no change from their July 20th weight.

The top-gaining goats for the period gained 4 lbs. and were a variety of breeds: Kiko, Savanna x Kiko, Boer, Kiko x Boer and Myotonic. They are owned by: Jarred Dennison, Brent Francis, Stephen Garrett, Sherrie Losch, Lucas Miller and Kent Ozkum.

Penned Goats
Nine of the ten penned goats gained 1 lb. to 7 lbs. with one maintaining its July 20th weight. They continue to have free access to hay and some grain pellets (once per day).

The goats will be worked next on Thursday, August 18th.

August 4 (d-56) report