Friday, July 15, 2011

Corrected data

Some formula errors were discovered in the spreadsheet that is used to store and calculate data for the Goat Test. The formulas had been used to calculate averages for the 80 goats in the pasture test.

On June 3-4, the average weight of the goats was 40.9 lbs., not 35.4 lbs., as previously reported.  On June 10, starting weights averaged 42.4 lbs., not 36.4 lbs., as previously reported.

A Myotonic and Kiko

FAMACHA©, body condition, coat condition, and dag scores were also slightly different than previously reported data.

The following reports and narratives were corrected with the new data:

June 4 report
June 10 report
June 10 report with fecal data

Please let Susan know if you ever see errors or discrepancies in the reports or blog.