Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goat test featured in Lancaster Farming

Lancaster Farming did a feature article on the recent Western Maryland Goat Field Day & Sale, which it billed as "an interactive day about meat goats from hoof to plate."
Dr. Paul Kuber
While youth participated in a skillathon and top bucks from the meat goat test went on the silent auction block, Dr. Paul Kuber, a research animal scientist from Ohio State University showed participants how to process a goat carcass and prepare dishes featuring chevon.

Kuber told producers they should eat their own product before marketing meat to consumers.  He said that marketing goat meat and processing goats into cuts is all new territory. While some ethnic groups prefer their goat meat processed into chunks with no concern for different cuts, traditional markets may be the next step for the goat industry, according to Kuber.

Lancaster Farming is the leading Northeast and Mid-Atlantic farm newspaper.  It has 56,000 paid subscribers in Pennsylvania and fifteen other states.

Source:  "Field Day Puts Focus on Meat Goats," by Laurie Savage, Maryland correspondent, Lancaster Farming, October 9, 2010.

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