Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How do your bucks rank?

The August 25 (d-70) report has been updated to show where individual bucks rank in terms of average daily gain (ADG).  As of day-70, ADG is ranging from -0.058 to 0.275 lbs. per day and averaging 0.082 lbs. per day for the 67 bucks in the test.  In last year's test (at 100 days), ADG averaged 0.138 lbs. per day, as the bucks lost an average of 3.5 lbs. during the rut (last two weeks of the test). 

Kiko bucks grazing in the new woodland pasture.

The first column of the new report shows the buck's ranking for ADG.  The ranking does not consider any other performance trait or characteristic.   The goal is to sell the top 10 to 15 bucks in the test.  Last year, 11 bucks qualified for the sale.  A few more bucks were sold via private treaty.

In order to make the sale, bucks must meet Gold, Silver, or Bronze standards of performance for growth (ADG), parasite resistance (FECs), and parasite resilience (FAMACHA© scores and number of anthelmintic treatments) AND minimum standards for reproductive soundness and structural correctness.

The only Full Blood Boer in the test is doing well.
Consigned by Sherrie Losch (Pennsylvania)

Tomorrow, the bucks with be scanned to determine rib eye area and back fat.  Ultrasound carcass measurements will be provided for informational purposes only and will not be used to select bucks for the sale. This is because the accuracy of ultrasound scanning (in goats) is not known.  Nor is it known if rib eye area is the best indicator of overall carcass muscling (in goats). 

August 25 (d-70) report updated with ADG rank