Friday, July 2, 2010

Protein tubs

Due to dry weather and rapidly deterioriating pasture conditions, three multi-purpose protein tubs have been put in with the goats.  The protein tubs contain 20 percent all-natural protein.  According to the product label, the goats should consume 2 to 4 ounces per day. 

Protein tub

The tubs were placed in the central laneway where the goats congregate.  They are spread out to make sure all the goats get a chance to consume them.  So far, the goats haven't shown much interest. There is still ample forage, though it is getting brown and "crispy."

The test site received 1.02 inches of rainfall in June, compared to 4.17 inches last year.  June 2010 is the driest June on record at the research center.  Rainfall records have been kept since 1980.  Last year, 6.22 inches of rain fell in July.  Let's hope we get a repeat of last year.  Or at least some of it.

DuMOR multi-purpose protein tub

Protein tubs are advocated for livestock when forage quality is poor.  In addition to providing supplemental nutrition, research has shown that their use may improve forage utilization. The 125-lb. tubs were purchased from Tractor Supply Company.