Friday, July 16, 2010

More fecal data

Individual fecal egg counts varied from 0 to 12,320 eggs per gram and averaged 1,161 epg on July 1.  Twenty goats had fecal egg counts above 1,000 epg, for an average of 2,828 epg. 

These twenty goats had an average FAMACHA© score of 1.9, not much higher than the test average of 1.8 on July 1.  These same goats had an average FAMACHA© score of 1.85 on July 15, only slightly higher than the test average of 1.68.

Filling a McMaster slide
The goats with the three highest fecal egg counts (12,320, 10,800, and 7,300 epg) on July 1 had FAMACHA© scores of 3 and were dewormed with levamisole (Prohibit® drench, 3 ml/50 lbs.). By July 15, their FAMACHA© scores had improved by 1 to 2 scores.

The pooled fecal sample collected on July 1 had a fecal egg count of 2,165 epg.  One hundred percent (100%) of the worm larvae were identified as Haemonchus contortus (the barber pole worm).  The next pooled fecal sample will be collected on July 29.

Coccidia (Eimeria sp.) were noted in all of the individual fecal samples. Some coccidia oocytes were observed in the pooled sample.

Download July 16 fecal report